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For example, is this your primary means on IG to connect with friends and family or do you use this more for business only? Your habits on IG will help give us an idea of what strategies are best suited for your usage.
Please give a brief description of your company or personal brand. It is important to tell us about your mission statement and products/services.
Please list a few of your top competitors (other brands like yours on IG) and their IG like @garyvee.
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These arePlease list 5 large hashtags with 100,000 tags or greater. For example, if you sell or blog about athletic shoes list #nike or #fit.
We're interested to hear what goals you have for social growth. Ex. # of followers by a certain time, more engagement, link clicks. This may vary from goal conversion and be focused on what your goals are for account growth.
Please list 5-10 smaller hashtags (under 1,000-10,000 tags) as specific to your brand as possible, including location. Use the explore (search) tab in the Instagram app to research.
Please list 3-5 IG accounts (ex @sollevarsisocial) in your niche with 10,000+ followers. Please list a few with over 50,000 followers.
Examples: visit my website, subscribe to my blog, become a fan of my content, improve people's lives, buy my products/services. Type NOT SURE if you need a little help.
Please enter any additional information you think will help us manage and grow your social account more effectively. If you have any concerns, please email us (listed above).
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*Facebook Ad, Adwords users, tell us about your audiences and what you have been successful targeting with on digital ad platforms.
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We want to gauge the level of likes you do on Instagram to supplement your exposure as needed.
Please help us determine the level of "adult" likes and comments on IG we should actively filter out. We will filter hate speech for all accounts in conjunction with our own brand standards.
We want to gauge the level of Story viewing you do on this Instagram to supplement your activity as needed.
When someone comments on your IG posts, do you like that comment (the little heart to the right of the comment) if it is relevant and doesn't step out of your brand's "adult rating"?

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